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Daily workers including rickshaw drivers, CNG drivers, cleaners, street-side vendors, and garment workers in Bangladesh are among the many affected by the global pandemic crisis of COVID-19.  With the entire city in lock down and shelter-in-place, these daily workers are not making any money that would feed themselves and their families.  These marginalized workers rely on their day-to-day wages to survive. In addition, they have little access to health education on habits of hygiene and disease prevention. 


The Diganta International is dedicated to addressing the issues of hunger and essential supplies of these impoverish population during this global pandemic.  Beyond providing food, essential medical supplies and monthly ration of essential items, medicine, we provide guidance in health education and awareness of COVID-19. Our vision is to continue to support the marginalized Bangladeshi people who are needy and no place to go to seek help.


Just  $5.00 provides one package of food enough to feed one family of four for one day.  The package of food provides rice and grains (lentils) that provide enough sustenance for one day. This package also includes one bar of soap to encourage hand washing and personal hygiene. We are going door-to-door to deliver these items, medicine packages, and cash assistance for minors in shelter homes. During the holy month of Ramadan (25April to 24 May 2020), our volunteers will distribute Sehri and Iftaar food packages to the poor families and mosques. In  addition we are providing free medicine and essential supplies for day to day survival while low income wage earners in a household are out of work and furloughed from existing jobs.


Your meaningful donation, big or small, can feed a hungry family for a day, a week, or a month.  We are in dire need of your help and ask you to look beyond boundaries to help these daily workers in Bangladesh.

DONATE NOW. Help us help them.

You can contribute to our mission by simply filling out the form bellow and submit. Someone will be in touch with you soon to assist you to contribute to our Mission and Vision of Diganta International Llc. 

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Check deposits to be sent to:- Diganta International Llc. (for details please email: Please fill out the form below and Submit to show your support. Our Admin person will confirm receipt of your contribution via email you gave us in the form below:-


You can pay via Paypal to Diganta International’s Paypal account by logging in with Paypal website : and complete payment to email AC Email Id:- or click Paypal button below. You can also pay via “VENMO”  website Please use your Venmo App on your mobile device and pay to “Digintbd”




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